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When you come to us, you’re looking to get a good meal – that’s the bottom line. As an assistant looking to order food delivery for a company meeting, or a CEO who wants to impress a new client, you expect the best (and we deliver, hardy har!) We pair up with restaurants in your area to provide the tastiest sandwiches, most delicious pastas, freshest ingredients and everything your appetite desires.

Featuring the finest local food delivery restaurants, rated by our customers on taste, quantity & presentation. Whether it’s a crisp BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad or savory mixed fajitas, ROTR has the cuisine to fuel your next team meeting. Have different cravings? No one wants a team divided – go ahead and place orders from multiple restaurants, we’ll make it happen!

Ordering is easy - simply click the order button above to find your favorite cuisine or restaurants that deliver and order food online!